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Communication training with role player / InterActionPartner (IAP).

Learning Objectives

  • Visualize training topics and communicate empathically

  • Using body language in a targeted way

  • Establishing new patterns of action

  • Demonstrate, develop and train specific situations realistically

Target Audience

  • Individuals​

  • Managers in organizations

  • Teams in organizations


  1. Balancing self-perception and external perception

  2. Fast identification of the participants with the "played" interaction

  3. Clear profile of the trainer/coach

  4. Realistic and authentic simulations

  5. Increasing of emotional intelligence

  6. Increasing intercultural/social competence

  7. Supporting the effect of behavioral training through authentic role play

  8. The level of the situations is adjusted exactly to the learning level of the respective participant.

  9. Sensitization of the participants to foreign roles, transfer into the daily work routine

  10. Increase of the experience and memory value and thus sustainable

Wherever communication does not achieve the desired result, there are opportunities to reflect with an interaction partner (IAP) and a coach on past or upcoming discussions and to find new approaches.
Wherever role plays (sales training, AC, DC) are used, the IAP offers added value. It offers an ideal projection surface for difficult and emotionally charged topics. A quick identification of the participant with the played situation is achieved.
Through the direct reflection of behaviour, feedback, role reversal and other methods, the participants receive a comprehensive picture. They can more easily put themselves in the shoes of their counterparts and thus develop individual behavioural alternatives together. In this way, realistic and authentic communication is achieved. Soft skills are tested. Social competence is tested. Emotional intelligence is evaluated. Spontaneity and creativity are challenged and encouraged. Experiencing" also ensures a high degree of sustainability.


Closed seminar for private individuals or managers of organizations with individual time commitment



On request - depending on standardization and number of participants

Dates & Events

On request - either in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Ankara, Izmir and Toronto we are always on the spot.

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