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applied Improvisation

Learning Objectives

  • Decision strength through fault tolerance

  • Out-of-the-box thinking

  • Mental flexibility

  • Increased creativity

Target Audience

  • Individuals​

  • Managers in organizations

  • Teams in organizations


  1. Deciding and acting in a VUCA World

  2. Strengthening perception, increasing creativity

  3. Making decisions under time pressure                       

  4. Clear Leadership                                                                   

  5. Increasing Emotional Intelligence               

  6. Recognize and control impulses

  7. Flexibility and spontaneity

  8. Access to hidden resources

  9. Mastering complex situations

"It's not the strongest species that survives, not even the most intelligent, it's the one that best adapts to change."  

Charles Darwin

Despite of strategies, organization and planned processes, improvisation determines the everyday life of many companies today more than ever. Fast reactivity and flexible adaptation are the attributes attributed to small start-ups. Characteristics that are indispensable for both companies and individuals to be successful. There is a fear of quick decisions, which one must make in view of new situations.

Those who can improvise are smart and flexible. They recognize how things suddenly turn out differently and adjust to it. Improvisation means simplifying in order to be able to apply something practically.

It's no longer about wanting the best, but about making the best out of it.



Closed seminar for private individuals or managers of organizations with individual time commitment



On request - depending on standardization and number of participants

Dates & Events

On request - either in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Ankara, Izmir and Toronto we are always on the spot.

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