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Learning Objectives

  • Distinguishing stressors from stress enhancers

  • Countering overstress through individual development of stress competence

  • Live serenity 

  • Strengthen health

Target Audience

  • Individuals

  • Managers in organizations

  • Teams in organizations


  1. The 3 central aspects of stress

  2. Stressors and individual stress intensifiers

  3. Sense of stress reactions

  4. Stress, evaluation and learning processes

  5. Stress skills

  6. Mental stress-management

  7. Instrumental stress-management

  8. Palliative, regenerative stress-management

  9. Your personal stress enhancer profile
  10. The Stress Light

Why are some people more resilient than others? How can I increase my mental resilience to react more flexibly in certain situations? Separating good from bad stress will be vital.

Stress increasingly endangers our health. In this seminar you will personally find your individual strategy for coping with stress. This will give you greater flexibility in dealing with everyday and extraordinary stress. You will learn to distinguish stressors from personal stress enhancers and develop a higher instrumental as well as mental stress competence. This leads to an improvement of your physical and mental health


Closed seminar for private individuals or managers of organizations with individual time commitment



On request - depending on standardization and number of participants

Dates & Events

On request - either in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Ankara, Izmir and Toronto we are always on the spot.

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