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Learning Objectives

  • Develop and define goals

  • Manage yourself and others

  • Break down beliefs

  • Develop authenticity

Target Audience

  • Managers in organizations

  • Teams and employees in organizations

  • One-to-one coaching for private challenges


  1. Dealing with unchangeable realities

  2. Cognitive distortions

  3. Strengthening of personal expressiveness

  4. Establishing value-based action

  5. Strengthen authenticity

  6. Self-Management

  7. Increase psychological flexibility

  8. Developing life goals/visions/corporate mission statement

Leadership competence is not innate, but is acquired. Only those who are able to deal with people and situations confidently, withstand risks, ensure success and exemplify change will meet the demands of modern leadership. Qualities such as team spirit, empathy, the ability to deal with conflicts and motivational power are a must-have for the success of today's and tomorrow's managers. Organizations that invest in the personal development of their managers and employees have a decisive competitive advantage.

The following applies: Each individual can develop. We achieve this through targeted coaching support and the use of different methods and tools, which we tailor to your individual situation.

We support companies and employees in recognising and activating their personal resources and potential so that they can further develop their strengths in a targeted manner. Leadership begins with self-management, which requires curiosity and the courage to tackle personal issues



By arrangement e.g. closed seminar for groups in companies with 4 modules of 1.5 days each



On request - depending on standardization and number of participants


On request - either in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Ankara, Izmir and Toronto we are always on the spot.


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