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Präsentations- /Speakertraining.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover your own individuality and uniqueness

  • Differentiate yourself from others

  • Use the stage and the space

  • Develop Charisma

Target Audience

  • Individuals​

  • Managers in organizations

  • Teams in organizations


  1. Define the objectives of communication

  2. Using body language and space

  3. Developing inner attitude, empathy and authenticity

  4. Analyse your own charisma and mode of action

  5. Designing core messages and calls to action

  6. Overcoming stress factors and power relations

  7. Dealing with obvious and invisible status structures

  8. Reduce stage fright

  9. Establishing dramaturgy for authentic communication

In most professions, interaction with other people is based on communication: we present work results, convince clients and teams through presentations or represent our company to customers and business partners. In addition to the actual content, the way we present is crucial for the achievment of successful and convincing communication. Today, we are surrounded by so much information and so many decision-making possibilities that the personal impression you leave is more important than ever.


Closed seminar for private individuals or managers of organizations with individual time commitment



On request - depending on standardization and number of participants

Dates & Events

On request - either in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Ankara, Izmir and Toronto we are always on the spot.

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